Junior Comp/Lit



Friday August 23/Monday August 26

Handout: Participation Rubric
1. Quick TIME homework discuss
2. Participation Rubric/Grade
3. Grades: Vocabulary Game/Procedure/first ten words 1-10
4. Working Break: Make cards for vocab. game
5. Begin Interpretation and Big 5 notes.

HW: Bring Into the Wild for writing assignment

Tuesday August 27/Wednesday August 28, 2013

1/2. Blog address
1. Finish Interpretation and “Big 5” notes.
2. Seating chart.
3. In-class write: Into the Wild
4. Handout: Litandreadinglog
5. Highlight and formulate three questions about the assignment

6. Read “The Interesting Life of Olaudah Equiano” on page 94 of Lit. book

HW: Type and complete a Lit. log for “The Interesting Life of Olaudah Equano;” submit to turnitin.com; bring a hard copy to class; see me in tutorial with questions about how to do the reading log.

Thursday August 29/Friday August
Typed log of “The Interesting Life of…”
1. Vocab.–first ten
2. Logs: Connect classmates’ logs to specific aspects of assignment sheet; 6 total
3. Quick notes: Levels of questioning
4. Holland sample log.
Homework: Read “Of Plymouth Plantation” on 82–answer and type #’s 1,3,5,7 on page 88.

Tuesday September 3/Wednesday September 4

Due: Typed questions 1,3,5,7, for “Of Plymouth Plantation.”

1. Vocab-10 people, first ten

2. New words (11-20) for next Monday.

3. Finish up “The Interesting Life…” plus notes.

4. Exchange questions from “Of Plymouth…” and note differences on yours.

5. “Of Plymouth…” notes and question/answer

6. Read “The World on the Turtle’s Back”

Homework: Read “The World…” and interpret and modernize five passages by attaching them to ways that we live our lives today. First step is to read closely and think about what is being said–what is the message, what is being said about the world in which we live and think about these things in a modern way. Elaborate and explain your choices. See me at tutorial if you have quesitons.

Thursday September 5/Friday September 6

Due: “The World on the Turtle’s Back” modern connection interpretation
1. Vocab. 10 people
2. Roll call of homework examples, one each.
3. Handout:  QuoteSheet and explanations
4. Classwork: Writing with quotes and commentary/analysis–Methods 1-4; use each story at least twice; 2 examples for each quote method.
HW: Type and finish quote integration work.

Monday September 9/Tuesday September 10

Due: 8 textual examples due from first three stories
1. Vocab. 10 people
2. 10 new words (21-30)
3. Share out work: Best commentary examples from homework
4. Essay introduce: Guidelines and outline for short story essay; questions.
HW: next steps: 15 total phrases, questions, ideas, brainstorms, analyses, opinions based upon the prompt and how to approach it.

September 11/September 12

Due: Nothing
1. Vocab. 10 people
2. Essay work: Analysis, details, and outlining
3. Individual Essay work
HW: Typed rough draft due next period for peer editing.

September 19/September 20

Due: Nothing
1. Vocab. 10 people
2. Introduce “Sinners…” creative project in groups; group time in class.
3. Grading Criteria: Sinners project
HW: Typed mini-project on “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”

Monday September 23/Tuesday September 24

Due: “Sinners…” mini-creative project
1. Vocab. 10 people
2. 5 new words (36-40)
3. Share out work project: one entry from each group.
4. “Sinners…” notes and particulars: “Sinners…” notes
5. Read “Upon the Burning…” and “To My Dear…”; answer 3 questions due today.

Poem handout: Bradstreet poems

HW: None due

Wednesday September 25/Thursday September 26

1. Vocab. 10 people
2. Pick up “The Crucible” from the library
3. Notes: Drama and Subtext–
4. Watch Salem Witch trial doc.
HW: Read “The Lesson of Salem;” bring it to class next time.

Friday 9/27-Monday 9/30

Due: Reading on “The Lesson of Salem”
1. Vocab. ALL!
2. Watch 20 min Salem Witch Trial doc.
3. Continue to read “The Lesson…”
4. Write 1.5 page “Reaction Paper” to five specific items from article; be specific and EXPLAIN.
HW: None

Tuesday 10/1; Wednesday 10/2

Due: Nothing
1. Vocab. 10 people
2. New words: 10 for this week.
3. Reaction Papers and Salem; Notes on Formula for a Witch Hunt
4. Begin The Crucible: Read 1-18; watch Crucible film up to pg. 18.

Thursday 10/3; Friday 10/4

Due: Nothing
1. Vocab. 10 people
2. Read Overture to Act I of The Crucible: 5 most important aspects that could affect the play and why.
3. Watch The Crucible…
4. Re-read Act I; reading log for Act I-page
HW: Type reading log for pages 8-14 of The Crucible; submit to turnitin.com

Thursday 10/10; Friday 10/11

Due: Nothing
1. Vocab. 10 people
2. Read and watch The Crucible
3. Notes fro pages 14-29.
HW: Typed Crucible log for pages 14-entrance of Reverend Hale on approximately page 29. Focus on lit. log points of emphasis presented in class; use your graded log as a guide as well; submit to turnitin.com

Monday October 14/Tuesday October 15

Due: Typed log for Crucible 14-30
1. Vocab. 10 people
2. Logs: What you did differently, which quote(s) did you use?
3. Silent read: Hale background; read Crucible up to “That’s deep, Mr. Parris.”
4. Begin “Good Night and Good Luck.”

HW: Typed questions for The Crucible-pick ten out of possible twenty.

October 16/ October 17

Due: Typed 10 questions from Crucible
1. Vocab. 10 people
2. Class question fill in; you should have all twenty done now.
3. Finish Act I
4. Continue “Good Night and Good Luck.”

HW: None

October 22/ October 23

Due: Nothing
1. Vocab. 10 people
2. New 10
3. Quotes/Context/Textual Evidence
4. Read 47-59; Continue “Good Night…”

HW: Three typed examples for method #2 with context and analysis.

October 24/ October 25

Due: Typed contextualized examples with analysis
1. Vocabulary-ALL!
2. Essay Extra Credit #1
3. Intro. Creative Character Project
4. Form groups, begin project, etc.

HW: Essay Extra Credit #1

October 28/ October 29

Due: Essay E.C. #1
1. Vocabulary-10 people
2. Essay Extra Credit #2
3. Continue reading 60->> in The Crucible
4. New 10 for Vocab.

HW: Essay E.C. #2–Topic Sentences and Thesis

November 5/6

Due: Essay E.C. #3
1. Quick Write Crucible big questions…
2. Interpretive Question Group write for Act II
3. Group poster work
4. New 10 for Vocab.

HW: Work on poster; ten typed interpretive questions WITH answers due next class.

November 7/8

Due: Typed Interpretive Questions for Act II
1. Crucible thought question #2-Discuss
2. Finish Crucible film
3. Your Act II Questions–Rotation
4. Poster work

HW: Work on poster; Read Act II to “Marshall Herrick returns…” plus 15 typed notes from Act III; you may do them in your book if you own it.

November 14/15

Due: Nothing
1. Collect Act III notes and Act II questions.
2. Crucible thought question #4: Reputation
3. Act II notes: Crucible Act II
4. Poster work

HW: Poster due on Monday; Read the rest of Act III and prep for in-class log next week. Extra Credit: Either go see the play at LGHS or The Crucible at Leland High School. For our play, please write up and explain five specific different ways that the characters developed their characters that is unique to seeing the play enacted on stage; for The Crucible, please fully explain five specific differences between reading the play, watching the film and seeing it enacted on stage. Be specific.

December 2/3

Due: Nothing
1. Intro. last mini-unit; essay due dates
2. Read Emerson’s “Self-Reliance”
3. Write: 5 items that you identify most closely with and why
4. Character Analysis work

HW: Do a search on Emerson’s “Self-Reliance” in order to find a 2oth century man or woman (preferably well-known) who has been profoundly affected by this essay. Print out the specific page that describes the link between the individual and the essay.

HW: Read Whitman’s “Song of Myself” 1,2,3 times all the way through; work on your essay.

December 9/10

Due: Nothing
1. Read “Song of Myself” again
2. Notes on “Song of Myself”
3. Essay work

HW: Read “Walden” on 382 of Lit. Book. Type and answer questions 3,4,6,7 on 392; rough draft due next class.

HW: Homework due is on sheet that was given to you by Mr. K on Friday. YEs, you must type it.

Essay Rubric: Personal Essay Rubric

Homework for 1/18 weekend:

1. Work on Personal Essay

2. Read: http://www.ibiblio.org/ebooks/Poe/Red_Death.pdf

3. Write: Please type a 1.5 paper using both Hawthorne stories and the class notes generated about darkness to illustrate how both stories aim to illustrate/illuminate specific aspects of the darker side of existence. Please use five specific textual details and commentary in your paper.

January 23/24

Due: Nothing
1. Essay concerns/questions/etc
2. Vocab-10
3. “Masque…” Questions due today
4. Discuss #’s 8 and 9.

HW: Personal Essay due next class; Read “The Oval Portrait” by Poe, annotate ten separate passages (5-8  words approx. for each); be prepared to be asked about these in class next time.

HW: “A Rose For Emily”: A_Rose_for_Emily; DO NOT DO THE QUESTIONS! JUST READ.

HW: Finish typed connections between the “world” of all the outsiders in “A Rose for Emily” and Emily’s world itself; 7 examples followed by 4-5 sentences of insight by Emily.

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