Senior Comp/Lit



Extra Credit for the end of the year:


  1. Type a one-page paper that responds to the prompt given to you at the beginning of The Shawshank Redemption. Please include three different paragraph topics and concrete detail from both the film and the novel in your paper.
  2. Finish reading your Choice Novel. Make an appointment with me to talk briefly about it in an informal setting. Please do not waste my time or yours if you have not finished reading your book. Finish it, then come talk with me.



  1. Moot (A)- of little or no practical value
  2. Caustic (A)-severely critical or sarcastic

3. Mendicant (A)-characteristic of a beggar

4.Secular (A)-Pertaining to worldly things that are not religious, spiritual, etc.

5.Ruse (N)- A trick or hoax






February 10/11 Homework:

–Please type up all of your answers for Act III S.3/4. You will turn in your answers individually.



Act II Lit. Log Directions-This must be TYPED.



  • Your Lit. Log should be a minimum of one-page single spaced; those not one page will be marked down.
  • The first paragraph of your log should be a brief summary of the important happenings up to where we are in the play-no quotes in here at all—Act I and II both okay.
  • Your second paragraph should be an introduction to your main point in Act II and should contain between 2-4 direct quotes that are cited by line number.
  • Your third paragraph should be completely filled with analysis and your commentary on the above paragraph. You should not be summarizing here whatsoever, and you should make repeated references to the quotes you chose as you break them down and uncover deeper meanings within them.
  • The fourth paragraph should be a short paragraph that contains a link to the film.

January 27/28 2016


HW: Type up ONE of your meaningful passages from Act 1 Scenes 2,3; in addition, please discuss the meaning and importance in a paragraph consisting of at least 5 sentences. Your focus should be on complete elaboration of the importance and meaning of your chosen quote/passage.

2. Tragedy powerpoint quiz


January 25/26 2016

Due: Nothing
2.Words 11-20 for Friday or next week
3.Othello I.i focus questions–in class
4.Share focus questions and discuss
5.Watch I.i and I.ii

HW: In your notebooks, choose five passages from what was watched in class–line 70-end of Act I Scene 1– and annotate with 10+ words. These will be used first thing on Wednesday. Don’t forget to write the line number down.

2. Tragedy powerpoint quiz


January 21/22 2016

Due: Typed final Personal Essay instructions
2.First 10 vocab. words
3.Get Othello from library
4.10 minute write: Describe the time you were most hurt by a breach of trust.
5.Tragedy powerpoint


January 4/5 2016

Due: Nothing
1.Break Talk
2.Do new name cards
3.Handout: Reflective/Personal/Familiar Essay
4.Class Discussion on Essay Assignment
5.Individual work and two potential topics due

HW: Think about your Essay topics.


January 6/7 2016

Due: Nothing
1. Read Klosterman’s Oasis album review for “Be Here Now.”
2. Handout: Personal Essay Rubric and Outline

HW: Work on essay outline due 1/12 or 1/13




Essays: What are the elements that make them unique, modern, and effective?


  1. Personal Interest Level: What do I like/dislike?
  2. Level of Meaning: What is the author trying to say?
  3. Level of Style: How does he go about making his/her point?


Logos-Appeal to reason by use of facts, reasons, logical content: cause/effect, comparison, relationships; this is #1

Pathos-Appeal to emotion and feeling; use this one the least; reader should not become plaything.

Ethos– The appeal of one’s character, the “trust me” aspect of writing/speaking. I deserve to be listened to; trustworthiness; credibility





For the essay on the Kanye album, MBDTF, please type up a 1.5-2 page paper that develops at least three connections between the essay and any significant aspects that we covered during Hamlet. Your connections should be well-explained and thoroughly discussed, making the connections very clear to the reader.


November 8/9 Homework:

Type a 1.5 page double-spaced paper on the Triangle of Life that was discussed in class. Make sure you include all three elements–don’t forget Fortune!! Action and thought must be closely tied together because the basis of “To Be or Not To Be” is that though is the thing that kills action. Did you step up and act, or did you step back and think yourself out of it?

November 3/4 Homework:

For Sol. #3, you and your partner must formulate 10 questions that are based off of the subject matter of “To Be…” Basically, what questions does the speech ask of us? Paraphrase and put into your own words. In addition, please compare and contrast Sol’s #1,2, and 3 by using two specific bits of text from each. TYPE.

October 19/20 2015

Due: Nothing
1.Finish Anonymous
2.Vocab/New 5 words for next week
3.10 minute write on aspects of the film
4.Jude Law interview if time permits
HW: Type a one page single-spaced response to the prompt given to you prior to watching Anonymous. In one paragraph, please use three specific and explained items from the film to tightly connect to the prompt. Your explanation is of the utmost importance in your paper. Here is some additional reading:

October 12/13 2015

Due: Nothing
1.Short Fiction Test
HW: Buy your Hamlet book

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